FleishmanHillard recruits Apple PR’s Scott Radcliffe for cybersecurity leadership role

May 14, 2024
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  • Scott Radcliffe has been appointed as the global director of cybersecurity at FleishmanHillard, leading the agency’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.
  • Radcliffe, who previously worked at Apple, will focus on helping clients navigate increasing cyber risks and policy issues.

In the article “FleishmanHillard Hires Apple PR’s Scott Radcliffe to Lead the Firm’s Global Cybersecurity Center of Excellence,” it is highlighted that Scott Radcliffe has joined FleishmanHillard as the global director of cybersecurity. In this role, Radcliffe will oversee the agency’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, which aims to provide strategic communication advice to clients facing cybersecurity challenges. Radcliffe, who has previous experience at Apple, brings a wealth of knowledge in cybersecurity communications and data privacy.

FleishmanHillard’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is positioned at the intersection of crisis management, policy, and innovation. Radcliffe, reporting to Tim O’Keeffe, the global managing director of Technology at FleishmanHillard, will play a crucial role in helping businesses understand the implications of cybersecurity in the digital transformation era. The focus is not only on preparing for potential cyber incidents but also on navigating the evolving landscape of disclosure policies and governance issues.

Radcliffe’s background in technology, healthcare, energy, and other sectors equips him with the expertise needed to address cybersecurity challenges across various industries. Beyond cybersecurity, Radcliffe also brings experience in crisis management, executive communications, and product storytelling. His return to FleishmanHillard signals the agency’s commitment to providing comprehensive cybersecurity services to clients worldwide.

FleishmanHillard’s reputation as a leader in public relations, brand marketing, and digital strategy is further solidified with Radcliffe’s appointment. The agency’s focus on cybersecurity under Radcliffe’s leadership highlights the growing importance of data protection and risk mitigation in today’s business landscape.

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