Address cybersecurity workforce diversity head on, says former White House official

May 16, 2024
1 min read


  • Camille Stewart Gloster emphasizes the importance of diversity in the cybersecurity workforce for national security.
  • She stresses the need to address diversity head on in cyber workforce efforts to fill gaps in threat analysis.


Camille Stewart Gloster, a former White House cybersecurity official, highlights the critical need for diversity in the cybersecurity workforce. She points out that not achieving a diverse cyber workforce results in gaps in threat analysis, which poses a national security risk. Stewart Gloster discusses the importance of focusing on diversity in skill-based hiring and ensuring that underrepresented communities are included in cybersecurity initiatives. She emphasizes the need for diversity to be integrated into every aspect of cybersecurity efforts, not just as a standalone pillar. Stewart Gloster also emphasizes the difficulty in measuring diversity success in the workforce and calls for standardized metrics across government and industry. As the U.S. faces ongoing cyber threats, she stresses the importance of continuity and investment in cybersecurity efforts, regardless of any potential administration changes. Overall, Stewart Gloster underscores the significance of diversity in the cybersecurity workforce to create a more secure and equitable digital ecosystem.

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