Agency CISOs cool with zero trust deadline looming

May 19, 2024
1 min read


  • Federal agency CISOs are feeling optimistic about meeting the Sept. 30 deadline for implementing zero-trust architecture.
  • Challenges include budget constraints and cultural resistance within organizations.

Federal agency security chiefs responsible for implementing zero-trust architecture are feeling confident about meeting the looming deadline set for September 30. Despite challenges such as budget constraints and cultural resistance within organizations, CISOs like James Saunders of OPM and Stan Lowe of Interior are optimistic about hitting the Biden administration’s zero-trust goals.

The status of zero trust implementation at agencies like OPM and Interior varies, with both agencies facing challenges in different pillars of the cybersecurity framework. While funding has been a major hurdle for agencies like OPM, investments from programs like the Technology Modernization Fund have been game-changers in fueling the work towards zero trust.

The adoption of zero-trust principles is seen as a journey rather than a destination, with agencies like Interior navigating a hybrid environment with legacy applications. Despite ongoing challenges, agency CISOs are determined to prioritize cybersecurity and meet the zero-trust objectives set by the administration.

Overall, the path to zero trust implementation is filled with trade-offs and shifting strategies for agency CISOs. Cultural resistance within organizations, funding constraints, and the evolving nature of technology present hurdles, but with the commitment of CISOs like Shane Barney of USCIS and Stan Lowe of Interior, agencies are on track to meet the zero-trust goals by the deadline.

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