AI and IoT unite to boost cybersecurity

May 17, 2024
1 min read


  • AI and IoT can enhance cybersecurity when used together due to their complementary features
  • Challenges in protecting IoT devices can be addressed using AI and ML for threat detection

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential for synergy in enhancing cybersecurity, according to May Wang, CTO of IoT security at Palo Alto Networks. With the increasing use of IoT devices, the stakes of their security are high. Wang emphasizes that while AI methodologies like natural language processing and image processing may not directly apply to cybersecurity, they can still address important challenges, such as accuracy.

Wang highlights the importance of precision AI in cybersecurity, especially given the vast amounts of data generated by Palo Alto Networks’ customers. Even a slight inaccuracy in AI applications can lead to disastrous consequences, making extreme accuracy crucial in cybersecurity operations.

Wang also discusses the integration of AI and machine learning (ML) for improving threat detection, the challenges in protecting IoT devices, and the role of precision AI in accurately identifying threats. This interview underscores the potential benefits of combining AI and IoT technologies to bolster cybersecurity measures.

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