Alabama cyberattack puts student and staff data at risk

July 10, 2024
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Cyberattack potentially exposes student, staff data in Alabama


  • A cyberattack on the Alabama State Department of Education may have compromised student and staff data.
  • The department is working with the FBI to investigate the extent of the breach and has restored all data using clean backups.

The Alabama State Department of Education is currently investigating a cyberattack that occurred on June 17, potentially compromising student and staff data. Despite the department’s efforts to thwart hackers from accessing all targeted servers, some data was still accessed before services were restored. This incident highlights the ongoing threat of cyberattacks in the education sector and the importance of cybersecurity measures.

Following the attack, the department has restored all data using clean backups and is working with federal agencies and cybersecurity experts to monitor the aftermath of the breach. In light of recent ransomware attacks targeting educational institutions, it is crucial for schools and districts to prioritize cybersecurity and implement necessary protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

The federal government has been actively supporting school districts and state education departments in enhancing their cybersecurity defenses. Programs such as the Government Coordinating Council for the Education Facilities Subsector and the K-12 cybersecurity pilot program aim to provide resources and support to enhance schools’ cyberdefense capabilities.

As cyberattacks continue to pose significant risks to the education sector, it is crucial for educational institutions to remain vigilant and proactive in implementing cybersecurity measures to protect student and staff data from malicious threats.

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