Albania hit anew: Iranian hackers strike once more

December 27, 2023
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Albania’s parliament was targeted by a cyberattack on Monday, with a group believed to be affiliated with Iran claiming responsibility for the attack. The group, known as “Homeland Justice,” also claimed responsibility for cyberattacks against telecommunications companies in Albania. The group stated that it deleted two petabytes of data from the targeted sites and threatened to publish the data it had accessed. The attacks are believed to be in retaliation for the presence of the Iranian dissident group, Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), in Albania. The MEK was previously designated as a terrorist group by several countries but has since been delisted.

Albania has had a history of being targeted by Iranian cyberattacks. In June 2022, the same group, Homeland Justice, targeted Albania, leading the country to sever ties with Iran. It was confirmed by cybersecurity company Mandiant that the attack was carried out with malware commonly used by Iranian hackers. Shortly after severing ties, Albania was hit by another Iranian cyberattack.

The recent cyberattack on Albania highlights the ongoing cyber threats posed by Iran. The attacks demonstrate Iran’s capabilities in conducting cyber operations against foreign targets. The involvement of a hacker group affiliated with Iran further indicates Iran’s support and involvement in cyber warfare.

The targeting of telecommunications companies is significant as it disrupts communication and poses a threat to national security. These attacks can potentially affect critical infrastructure and have serious implications for a country’s economy and daily life. It is crucial for countries to enhance their cybersecurity measures and collaborate internationally to counter such threats.

The presence of the MEK in Albania has been a source of tension between Iran and the country. The cyberattacks can be seen as a form of retaliation or pressure against Albania for hosting the dissident group. The situation highlights the complex dynamics of international relations and the use of cyber tactics as a means of exerting influence and control.

In response to the cyberattacks, Albania’s parliament stated that no data loss occurred and that experts are working to fix the affected sites. It is essential for countries to prioritize cybersecurity and invest in robust defense mechanisms to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats effectively.

The ongoing cyber conflict between Iran and other nations emphasizes the need for international cooperation in addressing cyber threats. Cybersecurity should be a global concern, and collaboration among countries is crucial in sharing information, intelligence, and strategies to safeguard against cyberattacks.

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