Are you Phish Proof? Fight AI-Powered Attacks with AI-Savvy Staff

January 12, 2024
1 min read

In an article for Newsweek, Ani Banerjee, Chief Human Resources Officer at KnowBe4, discusses the importance of cybersecurity awareness and training in the age of AI-powered attacks. Banerjee highlights the rise of AI in the workplace, with companies using AI-driven tools for recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement. However, he also warns of the evolving cyber threat landscape, with cybercriminals using AI and machine learning to launch more sophisticated and personalized attacks. Employee security awareness training is identified as a key strategy for defending against these AI-powered threats, with the article emphasizing the need for realistic training scenarios that simulate real-world AI-driven attack scenarios. Banerjee cites case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of comprehensive cybersecurity training programs in reducing phishing incidents. He concludes by stressing the importance of integrating cybersecurity awareness into AI strategies for CHROs and business leaders.

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