BC minister reports no personal data compromised in cyber attack

May 11, 2024
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  • No evidence of personal data compromised during cyber attack on government networks in B.C.
  • Government assures public that sensitive information has not been accessed or compromised.

According to a recent article by Vancouver Island Free Daily, B.C.’s Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has stated that there is no evidence of sensitive information being compromised during a recent cyber attack on government networks. The attack was described as “sophisticated” and is currently under investigation by police and other agencies, including the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. Premier David Eby had initially announced the incidents, reassuring the public that no sensitive data, such as health records, had been accessed. However, questions remain about the source and goals of the attack, as well as any potential connections to cyberattacks in Europe or involvement of foreign actors.

The timing of the government’s announcement has raised eyebrows, with critics questioning why the cyberattack was not disclosed sooner. Both House Leader Todd Stone and B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon have criticized the government for lack of transparency. However, Farnworth emphasized that the first priority was to protect the system and information before disclosing information to the public. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has acknowledged the incident but declined to provide further details, stating that they are working with officials in B.C. to mitigate the incident.

Overall, while the attack on government networks in B.C. does not appear to have compromised personal data, the situation raises concerns about cybersecurity threats and the need for increased vigilance in protecting sensitive information.

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