Boardroom strategies surf the cyber battlefield in CISOs’ navigation roles

July 9, 2024
1 min read


  • Organizations are improving cybersecurity risk reporting but still face challenges in communicating with board members due to complexity and lack of context.
  • Only 12% of S&P 500 boards have a cybersecurity specialist, prompting the development of training courses like the Cybersecurity Board Academy by Mastercard.

In the latest episode of Business Security Weekly, the focus is on bringing the boardroom to the cyber battlefield as CISOs navigate their roles. From common pitfalls for new leaders to gaining and retaining security talent, the episode covers a range of important topics within the cybersecurity field.

The article highlights the need for better communication between CISOs and board members, as well as the importance of training programs like the Cybersecurity Board Academy to enhance cybersecurity awareness at the board level. It also addresses key mistakes new security leaders make and offers guidance on recruiting and retaining security talent in a competitive market.

Additionally, the episode discusses the importance of asking better questions as a leader to enable team members to think critically and develop their problem-solving skills. By investing in their potential through coaching and mentorship, leaders can help their teams grow and succeed in the long term.

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