Catchy Cyber Security wrap for Feb 2, 2024 | IT World Canada News

February 3, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: In this week’s Week in Review segment, Howard Solomon provides an overview of recent cybersecurity news. Some key points from the article include:

– 23andMe and the Canadian government’s Department of Global Affairs both suffered data breaches, with hackers remaining undetected in their systems for several months.
– Administrators of Ivanti Connect Secure VPN and Policy Secure gateways were alerted to new vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed.
– A cyberattack against Fulton County, which includes the city of Atlanta, resulted in the temporary closure of several government IT systems.
– Three individuals were charged with stealing over $400 million in a SIM-swapping attack on the now-defunct FTX cryptocurrency exchange.
– The AlphV/BlackCat ransomware gang may be falsely claiming successful attacks to gain attention and trick victims into paying.
– Juniper Networks released updates to fix high-severity vulnerabilities in its SRX and EX series firewalls.
– FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress about cyber threats from China, including attempts to preposition malware on US critical infrastructure providers’ IT systems.
– The testimony also mentioned the disruption of a Chinese botnet composed of hijacked American routers.
– Home office routers that no longer receive security updates were identified as a security risk.
– The article concludes with a discussion about the need for improved cybersecurity transparency and the regulation of internet of things devices.

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