Check Point reveals fresh partner program

January 31, 2024
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  • Check Point, a multinational software provider, has launched a new partner programme in response to the evolving cyber security scene.
  • The programme aims to boost partner capabilities and drive growth by providing access to essential tools and resources.
  • Partners across Africa have welcomed the programme, seeing it as a way to empower themselves and their customers.

Check Point has introduced a new partner programme to support its partners in the changing cyber security landscape. The company expects the programme to enhance partner capabilities and drive growth. Francisco Criado, Check Point’s vice president of Global Partner Ecosystem Organisation, explained that the programme aims to encourage partners to develop specialised expertise, which will add more value to their services. It also provides partners with easier access to essential tools and resources, improving operational efficiency. The launch of the programme comes in light of the increasing rate of cyber threats.

The programme has been well received by partners in Africa. George Charal, CEO of South African-based IT company ReportStar Technologies, stated that Check Point’s updated partner programme represents a strategy change towards simplicity and partner empowerment. Vincent Milewa, managing director of Down To Earth Technologies in Kenya, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to train and upskill their engineers on the base level solutions. As cybersecurity becomes more critical in organizations, Milewa believes that the new programme will empower both their company and their customers.

Check Point, as a multinational software provider, aims to provide an artificial intelligence-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity platform. By introducing this new partner programme, Check Point hopes to further support their partners in delivering the best cybersecurity solutions. The programme emphasizes the importance of specialized expertise and offers access to essential tools and resources. Partners in Africa have welcomed the initiative, recognizing its potential to empower their own businesses and enhance customer satisfaction in this increasingly concerning cybersecurity environment.

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