CISO switches to CTO: timing and reasons to consider

May 12, 2024
1 min read


  • Security executives are pivoting from CISO roles to CTO positions, leveraging their skills in risk management and business leadership.
  • Anecdotal evidence shows companies like Equifax, Bank of America, and others are appointing former CISOs as CTOs.

Enterprises are seeing a shift in career progressions for security executives as the CISO role evolves from a technology manager to a well-rounded risk adviser and business leader. Former CISOs are finding success in transitioning to CTO positions, bringing valuable cross-functional expertise that benefits organizations.

Evidence from companies like Equifax and Bank of America shows that CISOs are well-suited for CTO roles due to their strategic thinking, operational skills, and experience working across various organizational functions. CISOs also bring a risk management mindset to the innovation cycle, supporting secure-by-design initiatives and early consideration of security implications in product development.

This trend highlights the importance of recognizing the transferable skills and business acumen of security executives, paving the way for CISOs to make meaningful contributions in C-suite positions beyond traditional security roles.

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