Clay County, Ind struck by suspected ransomware attack

July 11, 2024
1 min read


  • Clay County, Ind., has been hit with a ransomware attack, causing the closure of the courthouse offices and health department.
  • The county is taking steps to isolate affected systems, assess data exposure, and restore operations.

Clay County, Ind., was recently targeted in a ransomware attack, leading to the closure of courthouse offices and the health department. The attack was discovered by the county’s IT department, causing a disruption in services and communication with state partners. While some offices remain open, the investigation is ongoing to assess the extent of data exposure and potential compromises. Cybersecurity professionals are working to contain and correct the attack, with relevant agencies notified of the incident. Clay County emphasizes its commitment to data security and transparency in handling the situation. Measures to prevent future attacks and recover from ransomware incidents are being emphasized by experts, with suggestions for backup storage, strong passwords, and cautious email practices. Overall, the county is working diligently to address the ransomware attack and restore operations for its constituents.

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