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May 11, 2024
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Summary of Highest and lowest cyber risk countries revealed


  • Analysis by reveals countries with highest and lowest cyber risk in 2024.
  • US ranks 9th with lowest cyber risk, while Finland tops the chart for low risk.

New analysis from has identified the countries with the highest and lowest risk for cyber threats worldwide in 2024. The analysis, based on various indices, gives each of 70 countries a score out of 100. Finland leads the list for low risk, followed closely by other Northern European nations, while the US ranks 9th overall with a relatively low risk score. On the other end of the scale, countries like Bolivia, Honduras, and Venezuela pose the highest cyber risks. The report highlights the importance of understanding a country’s cybersecurity landscape for proactive risk management and provides policymakers with insights to enhance cybersecurity resilience globally.

Highest and lowest cyber risk countries revealed

New analysis from reveals the countries with the highest and lowest risk for cyber threats worldwide in 2024, with the US ranking 9th overall among countries with the lowest risk. The analysis is based on a comprehensive dataset encompassing various indices, including the National Cyber Security Index, Cybersecurity Exposure Index, Global Cybersecurity Index, Cyber Resilience Index, and the Final Cyber Safety Score to give each of 70 countries a score out of 100. Finland tops the chart for low risk with a score of 92.81, followed by other Northern European nations Norway and Denmark on 92.63 and 92.45 respectively. The UK scores 89.75 to take 5th place while 9th place US has 88.6. Canada rounds out the top 10 with a score of 88.33. At the other end of the scale, Bolivia poses the highest risk scoring only 38.9. South America also takes the next two places with Honduras (41.24) and Venezuela (42.15). Best of the worst in 10th place on the risky list and 61st overall is Pakistan with a score of 56.4. The report’s authors note, “Understanding a country’s cybersecurity landscape is imperative for proactive risk management as cyber threats continue to evolve. While some nations excel in fortifying their defenses, others face significant challenges in combating cyber threats. By leveraging insights from comprehensive indices, policymakers can formulate strategies to enhance cybersecurity resilience and mitigate risks effectively globally.” You can read more and see all the ratings on the MixMode blog.

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