Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Sail through the Digital Seas.

January 1, 2024
1 min read

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the USS Harry S. Truman is highlighting the importance of cybersecurity on naval vessels. The ship’s crew members are reminded that cybersecurity is a collective effort and that everyone must do their part to protect information systems. The unique environment of a naval vessel requires robust cybersecurity measures to ensure operational effectiveness and national security. The crew is encouraged to practice good cybersecurity habits to secure not only their own world, but also the nation’s future.

The article emphasizes the significance of cybersecurity in the modern digital age, mentioning the 2017 WannaCry Ransomware attack as a reminder of the ever-growing importance of cybersecurity. The USS Harry S. Truman serves as a formidable bastion of cybersecurity in the United States Navy.

The crew members are encouraged to pay attention to the little things and retain the information learned from cybersecurity trainings to make a difference. Ensign Adam Stoker, Truman’s cyber officer, emphasizes that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and that individuals must be cyber smart to keep themselves, their shipmates, and their families safe.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month on Truman serves as a reminder that the digital world is an integral part of modern naval operations. The threats faced are constantly evolving, requiring vigilance and a proactive approach. The article highlights the belief that individual actions can have a collective impact and that cybersecurity is crucial for the nation’s future and the safety of shipmates.

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