Dell Technologies World: AI stole the spotlight, but what about security?

May 29, 2024
1 min read


  • Dell Technologies World focused on AI, but cybersecurity was not emphasized enough
  • Dell showcased its AI strategy and solutions, including the AI Factory and professional services

At Dell Technologies World, the focus was on AI, with Dell showcasing its AI strategy and solutions like the AI Factory. While Dell’s commitment to AI was evident, cybersecurity did not receive the same level of emphasis. The company offers managed security services, but the need to prioritize cybersecurity in the context of AI was not as prominent. Dell outlined a comprehensive AI strategy anchored on the importance of data, an open ecosystem, and the need for a different infrastructure to support AI workloads. The conference highlighted the potential for AI to transform operations and applications, but also underscored the importance of incorporating security from the outset in AI development.

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