Discover DISA’s cutting-edge cyber initiatives in-depth

July 9, 2024
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  • DISA is a key provider of cybersecurity services for the Department of Defense with a focus on monitoring, protecting against cyber threats, and sharing cyber situational awareness.
  • DISA’s initiatives include a Cloud CSSP service offering with Microsoft Azure, ongoing pilot projects to enhance security, and the implementation of Thunderdome to replace outdated systems.

In a detailed exploration of DISA’s cybersecurity initiatives, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) was highlighted as a crucial player in providing top-tier cybersecurity services for the Department of Defense (DoD). Lead Customer Management Specialist Amy Probst explained that DISA’s Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) program is dedicated to monitoring and protecting against malicious cyber activity, reporting incidents, and sharing cyber situational awareness to defend the DoD Information Network.

One key aspect of DISA’s offerings is the Cloud CSSP service with Microsoft Azure, which allows for faster onboarding and servicing of customers, cost reduction, and increased automation. The agency is also in the midst of various pilot initiatives aimed at enhancing security measures, such as securing internet boundaries, validating current protections, and exploring virtual domain deception.

Moreover, DISA is making strides to transition from outdated systems like the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRRS) to newer, more effective initiatives like Thunderdome. Thunderdome is set to provide zero trust capabilities, virtual routing for SD-Wan, identity security tools, and secure access secure edge (SASE) capabilities to bolster cybersecurity measures.

The overarching goal of DISA’s initiatives is to modernize and strengthen cybersecurity capabilities within the DoD to combat sophisticated nation-state cyber threats effectively. By implementing robust security measures and actively evolving their practices, DISA is at the forefront of defending critical systems against cyber attacks.

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