Engineering to espionage: Mark Sorenson’s thrilling dive into cybersecurity narrative.

December 14, 2023
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Mark Sorenson, a tech veteran and author with experience in managing businesses within iconic tech companies, has authored a cyber-thriller book titled “A Restaurant in Jaffa.” The narrative incorporates elements of the cybersecurity landscape, an area in which Sorenson has significant expertise. He discussed some key themes in the book during a conversation with Dave Vellante at the Cyber Resiliency Summit.

  • Cybersecurity has to be prioritized by all IT professionals given the complexity and scope of today’s threats.
  • Adopting modern safeguards involves balancing simplification with deploying best-of-breed technologies.
  • Many companies’ security strategies tend to be fragmented due to the chase for individual silo technologies.
  • There is an increasing need for unified authentication, credentialing technologies, and policies.
  • Firms can rely on cloud providers to provide most of these requirements, but some elements will still need attention.

Sorenson outlined the crucial need for companies to develop contingency plans, even as they implement safeguards against cyber incidents, in anticipation of potential breaches. Agruing that firms should always be prepared for an attack, he encouraged them to reflect on the steps they would take in case their business got impaired due to a data breach.

To balance the need for a simplified approach to cybersecurity measures and the use of best-of-breed technologies, Sorenson suggested approaching the issue like an umbrella that encompasses all different technological aspects. However, he acknowledged how complex this process can be, as sometimes organizations cannot get all their needs met by a single vendor.

Sorenson adviced organizations to let their cloud service providers assist in implementing most of the technological solutions for cybersecurity risks. Although, he also noted that some components of security still need to be handled directly by the company.

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