FirstWave boosts Telmex bond – Aussie Cyber Security Mag

December 21, 2023
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Key Points:

  • FirstWave Cloud Technology has expanded its reseller relationship with Telmex, Mexico’s largest telecommunications group.
  • Telmex will now serve as a reseller of FirstWave’s Network Management Information System (NMIS) platform, bundling the software with its network sales.

Australian cybersecurity firm FirstWave Cloud Technology has announced an expanded relationship with Telmex, Mexico’s largest telecommunications group. Telmex has been using FirstWave products since 2011 and will now become a reseller of FirstWave’s Network Management Information System (NMIS) platform. This expansion comes with the first major sale of FirstWave’s technology under the new partnership, with Telmex bundling the NMIS software with a network sale to a government client. The contract is expected to bring in approximately A$1 million ($737,000) in revenue for FirstWave over the next three years.

This partnership presents a significant opportunity for FirstWave to extend its presence in Latin America. FirstWave Chief Revenue Officer Dino Davanzo stated that having Telmex bundle their software into the sale of a data network is an exciting evolution for the company. This collaboration opens up significant opportunities for FirstWave, and securing the first win with the first proposal is excellent news, he added. FirstWave CEO Danny Maher will spend significant time in Mexico City and the USA early in the new year to support developments in those regions.

Telmex is the dominant telecommunications company in Mexico, with over $5 billion in revenue. In addition to Telmex, FirstWave also works closely with Telmex’s sister companies, Claro, in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

Overall, this expanded relationship between FirstWave and Telmex allows for increased market presence and potential revenue growth. The partnership with Mexico’s largest telecommunications company opens the door for future opportunities in Latin America, further establishing FirstWave’s position in the region’s cybersecurity sector.

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