Get informed on the latest NCSC ransomware guidance now

May 15, 2024
1 min read


Key Points:

  • NCSC has released new ransomware guidance in collaboration with major insurance bodies.
  • The guidance emphasizes not paying ransoms and provides considerations for victims to make informed decisions.

In a collaborative effort with major insurance bodies, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released new ransomware guidance aimed at reducing the amount paid by ransomware victims. The guidance warns against paying ransoms, as it does not guarantee the end of an incident or the removal of malicious software from systems. Instead, paying ransoms provides incentives for criminals to continue their activities. The guidance advises victims to review all options, including not paying, and to carefully assess the impact on business operations and data.

The NCSC, along with GCHQ and various insurance associations, does not endorse or encourage paying ransoms, stating that doing so signals to criminals that attacks are fruitful. Organizations are urged to consult experts and thoroughly assess the business impact before deciding on a course of action. If organizations do choose to pay a ransom, they should ensure legality, understand it doesn’t fulfill regulatory obligations, and report the incident to authorities.

The industry welcomed the guidance, with IUA director of public policy, Helen Dalziel, noting that businesses are realizing there are alternative options to paying ransoms. Security experts also expressed support for the advice, suggesting that businesses should focus on building resilience to cyber incidents and being prepared to respond effectively.

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