Guthrie Lourdes updates on recent cyber attack on hospital networks

May 19, 2024
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Key Points:

  • Guthrie Lourdes Hospital is recovering from a cyber attack that affected patient records.
  • The attack targeted Ascension system, impacting Guthrie Lourdes’ operations.

Guthrie Lourdes Hospital is still dealing with the aftermath of a recent cyber attack that targeted its patient records database and caused the shutdown of outpatient centers and the pharmacy. The attack, which occurred on May 8, was aimed at Ascension, an internal data system used by over 140 hospitals and clinics, including Guthrie Lourdes. Despite the attack not directly targeting Guthrie, it affected operations at the Lourdes location.

As a result of the attack, Guthrie Lourdes had to cope with limited operations in various departments, including the hospital’s patient portal, voice-mail system, and electronic patient medical records. However, the hospital managed to keep critical systems such as cardiac and labor monitoring in place to ensure patient safety.

While the attack caused disruptions, Guthrie Lourdes implemented contingencies to maintain operations, including using written records, rescheduling appointments, and collaborating with retail pharmacies for prescription fulfillment. Additionally, the hospital utilized its Cortland and Corning locations to address medication needs.

Despite the challenges posed by the cyber attack, Guthrie Lourdes continued to provide care to over 2,000 patients daily. The hospital plans to reopen its outpatient labs on May 20 and is working towards a full recovery. President Kathy Connerton emphasized the commitment to high-quality care and patient safety throughout the recovery process.

Guthrie Lourdes remains dedicated to updating the community on its progress and aims to expedite the transition from Ascension systems to Guthrie’s unified Epic I-T systems. While cyber attacks are a prevalent threat in healthcare, Guthrie Lourdes’ focus on cybersecurity and effective contingency plans has allowed them to navigate this challenging situation with diligence and resilience.

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