House panel urges Microsoft president to testify on security flaws

May 12, 2024
1 min read


  • House Homeland Security Committee wants Microsoft President Brad Smith to testify over cybersecurity incidents
  • The committee is focusing on a report that highlighted security failures facilitating a Chinese government-affiliated hack

Leaders of the House Homeland Security Committee are calling on Microsoft President Brad Smith to testify before their panel regarding cybersecurity incidents that have raised concerns about the tech giant’s security measures. The committee is specifically looking at a report that pointed out security failures that aided Chinese government-affiliated hackers in stealing emails, including those from federal agencies.

The committee emphasized Microsoft’s responsibility as a provider of operating systems, cloud platforms, and productivity software for U.S. government agencies, stressing the importance of effective cybersecurity measures. A hearing is planned for May 22 to further examine the situation.

Microsoft welcomed the discussion but did not commit to the hearing date yet, stating their commitment to providing Congress with important security information. The incident described in the report is not the only one involving Microsoft and federal agencies, with another breach in January leading to changes within the company to improve security culture.

The Homeland Security Committee aims to assess Microsoft’s plans for improvement during the hearing, emphasizing the critical need to safeguard federal networks from cyber intrusions amid increasing threats from various countries.

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