HSE cyber attack: Ireland’s wake-up call Has it learned?

May 15, 2024
1 min read


  • The HSE cyber attack in 2021 was a major security incident in Ireland, leading to legal proceedings and challenges for the health service.
  • The investigation revealed serious IT vulnerabilities and a lack of preparedness in the HSE’s approach to cyber security.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland experienced a significant cyber attack in 2021, disrupting clinical operations and IT systems in hospitals across the country. Three years later, the fallout from the attack continues, with over 473 legal proceedings launched against the organization. An investigation by the US’s Department of Health and Human Services uncovered IT vulnerabilities and a lack of preparedness in the HSE’s approach to cyber security.

Despite efforts to address core issues, the HSE still faces challenges in cyber resilience. Roles like CISO and CTTO remain unfilled permanently, and the organization struggles to improve its cyber security posture. Experts, including Ciaran Lutrell from eSentire, question whether the HSE has truly learned from the attack, citing a lack of specifics on improvements made.

The 2021 attack was a turning point in Irish cyber security, exposing vulnerabilities and prompting government action to boost cyber resilience. Ideologically motivated attacks, like the one on Munster Technological University, highlight the need for effective cyber reliance programs in large public institutions. Public bodies in Ireland are urged to invest in detecting and responding to cyber threats in real time.

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