IBM, Palo Alto Networks team up for QRadar SaaS acquisition

May 16, 2024
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– Palo Alto Networks acquires IBM’s QRadar software-as-a-service assets
– Partnership aims to deliver AI-powered security outcomes to address cybersecurity challenges

IBM and Palo Alto Networks have announced a new partnership that involves the acquisition of IBM’s QRadar software-as-a-service assets by Palo Alto Networks. This move establishes Palo Alto Networks as IBM’s preferred cybersecurity partner across network, cloud, and security operation centers. The partnership is centered around delivering artificial intelligence-powered security outcomes to customers in response to the rapid growth of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

One of the key elements of the partnership is the migration of QRadar SaaS clients to Palo Alto’s AI-driven security operations platform, Cortex XSIAM. The partnership also includes the establishment of a joint security operation center and a joint Cyber Range for immersive security training experiences for customers. IBM experts will be trained to provide migration, deployment, and adoption services across Palo Alto Networks platforms.

Additionally, IBM plans to deploy Palo Alto Networks AI-powered security platforms internally to safeguard its global workforce, while Palo Alto Networks will integrate watsonx large language models into Cortex XSIAM for automation capabilities. The partnership aims to accelerate client and partner adoption of next-generation security operations.

The motivation behind the deal, according to Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora, is the need to compete with industry players like Splunk Inc. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed, but the partnership signifies a significant step in the collaboration between the two companies to address evolving cybersecurity challenges with advanced threat protection and automation.

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