Massive ransomware attack exposes Australians’ prescription records

May 18, 2024
1 min read


  • A large-scale ransomware attack has breached Australians’ prescription records processed by MediSecure.
  • The attack impacted personal and health information, but the extent of the breach and responsible party remain unclear.

Australia’s federal government is overseeing the response to the attack, with the Cyber Security Centre and Federal Police involved in investigations. While MediSecure has indicated that the breach may have originated from a third-party vendor, it is reassuring that current e-scripts seem unaffected by the incident. Cyber security experts emphasize the importance of robust measures within the healthcare sector to prevent such breaches and protect patient data.

The breach is a reminder of past incidents like the Medibank attack, which led to increased government oversight and sanctions. It highlights the need for organizations like MediSecure to fortify their security posture and create a strong security culture to prevent future incidents.

In conclusion, cybersecurity in healthcare is not just an IT issue but also a patient safety concern, necessitating continuous vigilance and proactive measures to defend against cyber threats.

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