Menayacom partners with EUA Cyber Distributor CSSP to expand globally

July 9, 2024
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  • has entered into a new distribution agreement with EUA Cyber Distributor CSSP to expand cyber rating and detection to the Middle East and Africa.
  • This partnership aims to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to sectors vulnerable to cyberattacks in the MEA region., a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has partnered with EUA Cyber Distributor CSSP to distribute its cybersecurity turnkey solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. This collaboration aims to enhance cybersecurity measures for businesses in vulnerable sectors such as government, finance, online business, and healthcare. Under this agreement, CSSP will distribute’s comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, including cyber security rating, web vulnerability detection, and cyber remediation.

Avi Bartov, the CEO and co-Founder of, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that it will help meet the growing demand for robust cybersecurity solutions in these dynamic regions. Patrick Ramseyer, Managing Director of CSSP EUA Cyber Distributor, also praised the collaboration, highlighting the quality and innovation of’s cybersecurity solutions.

The partnership between and CSSP is expected to transform the cybersecurity landscape in the MEA region by providing advanced technologies to detect and prevent cyber threats.’s cybersecurity solution, which includes cyber security rating, web vulnerability detection, and cyber remediation, aims to anticipate and analyze external cyber risks to protect organizations from potential cyberattacks.

With’s expertise in developing cybersecurity solutions and CSSP’s strong distribution network in the MEA region, this partnership will accelerate the delivery of next-generation cybersecurity solutions to businesses across various sectors. The collaboration between the two companies is poised to empower organizations to defend against cyber threats effectively.

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