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May 15, 2024
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  • Dr. Miguel Alberto Gomez is a Senior Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore with a focus on emerging technologies and national security.
  • His research highlights the importance of understanding the human aspects of cyber conflict and the regional characteristics of cyber conflict.

In the interview with Dr. Miguel Alberto Gomez, he discusses the key areas of research in cyber conflict studies, emphasizing the importance of understanding the cognitive and emotional dimensions of the phenomena. His research sheds light on the relationship between emerging technologies, national security, and decision-making processes, particularly focusing on the impact of policymakers’ use of cyberspace technologies on public opinion. Dr. Gomez also highlights the increasing interest in the regional characteristics of cyber conflict, pointing out the necessity of exploring cyber conflict beyond the North American and European environment to provide a broader perspective.

Furthermore, Dr. Gomez reflects on his professional journey from a cybersecurity practitioner to a researcher in international politics and security. He discusses how shifts in his career path and the perspectives of his colleagues have influenced his thinking, particularly in understanding the strategic use of technologies in statecraft and decision-making processes.

Dr. Gomez also delves into the interplay between cyberspace and international politics, highlighting the significance of cyberspace as an enabler of state power and the growing interest in cybersecurity due to societal dependence on digital technologies. He also discusses the psychological impact of cyber-attacks and emphasizes the importance of transparency in government responses following cybersecurity incidents.

Moreover, Dr. Gomez’s research on personal threat sensitivity and cyber-attacks explores the factors that influence individuals’ perceptions of cybersecurity threats. He emphasizes the importance of digital literacy and expertise in shaping public reactions to cyber incidents and underscores the need for a whole-of-nation approach to maintain a secure digital environment.

Finally, Dr. Gomez offers advice to young scholars in the field of International Politics, encouraging them to avoid disciplinary silos, refrain from getting drawn into technological hype, and engage with practitioners to broaden their understanding of emerging technologies in international relations.

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