Poland invests $760 million to boost cybersecurity post cyberattack

June 24, 2024
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  • Poland increases cybersecurity spending to almost $760 million after a cyberattack
  • The attack aimed to spread disinformation before elections and was suspected to be directed from Russia

In response to a cyberattack that aimed to spread disinformation before elections, Poland has announced plans to boost its cybersecurity budget to nearly $760 million. The attack, which was suspected to be directed from the Russian side, involved spreading false information through malware. Deputy Prime Minister Krzysztof Gawkowski refuted the claims and emphasized the need for increased cybersecurity measures to protect against such attacks in the future. The Polish government plans to allocate over 3 billion zlotys for a ‘Cyber Shield’ program to enhance digital security.

Gawkowski highlighted that the goal of the attack was to destabilize the situation and interfere in Poland’s elections. He stressed the importance of building resilience at the critical infrastructure level and conducting regular security reviews to show that Poland is a leader in digital security in Europe. The government’s efforts will be a joint initiative by the Ministries of Interior and Digitalization.

In addition to increasing the cybersecurity budget, Poland aims to protect against disinformation attacks by implementing social media monitoring tools, providing training, and including disinformation attack responses in crisis response plans. By focusing on both creating a cyber shield and preparing for disinformation attacks, Poland hopes to reduce the risk of future cyber threats and recover more effectively when an attack occurs.

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