Proton Mail knocks out Google, lands desktop glory.

December 14, 2023
1 min read

Proton, the secure email provider, has released a standalone desktop application, providing an edge over tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. Currently in beta, the new application provides full access to Proton Mail and Proton Calendar for Windows and MacOS users, along with over 50 feature enhancements for improved productivity and security. The application will offer offline access to emails in the near future.

  • Desktop app provides a straightforward way to use privacy-first products
  • The new app comes with an email auto-forwarding option
  • Snooze function allows users to set aside emails temporarily
  • Attachment previews make it easier to search for documents across messages

Andy Yen, Founder and CEO at Proton, emphasizes that while many people use email on desktop in a browser, desktop apps offer certain advantages, such as better offline support. The app is a significant step in Proton’s goal of reducing dependence on large tech products like Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook in the digital lives of people.

Besides secure email services, Proton Calendar also introduces improved features. It enables users to search their end-to-end encrypted calendar on the web, view public holidays and keep track of national days off at ease.

With its promise of zero-access encryption for storing all emails, Proton Mail ensures the service provider can never access user messages or hand them to third parties. Additionally, the provider promises a better level of security thanks to a new encrypted email forwarding feature.

Bart Butler, CTO of Proton, highlights the unique and pioneering nature of this feature for encrypted email service. The complexity of maintaining end-to-end encryption for messages forwarded to other Proton users presented a significant technical challenge, which has now been solved.

The new Proton Mail desktop app is available in beta version for all Visionary users on Windows and MacOS devices until January 4. The app will be open to all users early in 2024. The auto forwarding feature is exclusive to paying subscribers, but all other updates are available with both free and paid plans.

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