Rubrik’s free data security webinar for Nigerian businesses is coming soon

July 11, 2024
1 min read

Summary of Rubrik Webinar for Nigerian Firms


  • Rubrik is hosting a free data security webinar for Nigerian firms on 25 July.
  • The webinar will discuss the findings of a recent survey on data security and provide insights on improving cyber security.

Rubrik, a multi-cloud data control company, is organizing a free data security webinar specifically targeting information security decision-makers in Nigeria. The webinar, titled ‘The State of Data Security’, is scheduled for 25 July and is open to all current and prospective Rubrik customers from Nigerian organizations interested in enhancing their cyber security and resilience.

The webinar is based on research conducted by Rubrik Zero Labs, which revealed that 94% of IT and security leaders experienced significant cyber-attacks last year, with 66% of the attacks occurring in cloud environments. Furthermore, the survey found that 93% of external organizations reported data loss notifications to governing bodies.

In collaboration with ITWeb, the webinar aims to analyze the survey results and help attendees strengthen their data security strategies, identify potential data vulnerabilities, and understand the potential impacts of a cyber-attack on their organization. Rubrik provides a comprehensive platform for data recovery, governance, compliance, and cloud mobility to help enterprises make the most out of their data across various environments.

To participate in the webinar, interested individuals can apply on the Rubrik website, with attendance subject to approval by the company.

Overall, the webinar presents a valuable opportunity for Nigerian firms to gain insights into the current state of data security, learn best practices for enhancing cyber security, and explore potential threats and vulnerabilities that could impact their organization’s data.

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