Russian Cyber Winter swarms with raging Disinformation Storm.

December 16, 2023
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In a new report from Cyjax, “The Cyber Winter of Discontent,” Ian Thornton-Trump, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Cyjax, highlights escalating cyber warfare, fueled by disinformation, between Russia and Ukraine. Drawing from his experience as an analyst for multinational insurance, banking, and regional healthcare firms, Thornton-Trump details Russia’s strategic use of destructive malware, kinetic attacks, and information operations to target Ukraine’s critical national information, social fabric, and western alliances.

  • Russia continues to wage information warfare against the West.
  • Destructive malware, kinetic attacks, and information operations are used against Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure.
  • Russia or its hacktivist allies often claim to have disrupted Western critical national infrastructure, such as airports and hospitals, without providing substantive proof.
  • Cybersecurity challenges include managing internet-exposed endpoints and ensuring supply chain integrity.

Thornton-Trump anticipates an ongoing conflict with Russia utilizing a multi-pronged approach, from disinformation campaigns to disruption of the daily lives of citizens in the G20 nations. Russia is presenting an image of Western governments as incompetent and unable to protect their citizens from Russian force, he says.

Regarding the role of hacktivists and ransomware groups, Thornton-Trump suggests they may operate as Russian proxy forces, disrupting western infrastructure. He also contemplates the possibility of a failed Russian state and the ensuing geopolitical implications after the Putin era.

In conclusion, Thornton-Trump underscores the increasing importance for governments and businesses to secure their internet-exposed endpoints and bolster supply chain trust to mitigate disruption from cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns.

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