SCOPE AI fortifies data protection with advanced quantum security tech

July 10, 2024
1 min read


  • Scope AI Corp. has acquired advanced quantum security technology from Ovryde Ltd. to enhance data protection.
  • The acquisition will expand Scope AI’s cybersecurity offerings, address emerging threats posed by quantum computing, and provide new revenue streams.
  • Scope AI Corp. has entered into a technology agreement with Ovryde Ltd. to acquire quantum resilient entropy (QSE) Technology, an advanced security measure designed to protect data against threats from quantum computing. This acquisition will enhance Scope AI’s cybersecurity product suite by integrating Ovryde’s quantum security technologies, provide immediate expansion for the company, tackle new threats, create synergies for faster deployment, open up new revenue opportunities, ensure regulatory compliance, and prepare businesses for future quantum-computing advancements. James Young, CEO of Scope AI Corp., expressed excitement about the acquisition and highlighted the robust security solutions that will help clients stay ahead of digital security threats.

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