Simplify your workload with AI-powered threat intelligence reports

June 24, 2024
1 min read


  • Cybersecurity professionals face challenges managing workloads, budgets, and attack surfaces.
  • AI-driven threat intelligence reporting tool, IQ Report Generator by Cybersixgill, helps automate and streamline the reporting process.

Article Summary:

Cybersecurity professionals are under immense pressure due to increasing workloads, limited budgets, and growing attack surfaces. The value of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) in anticipating and mitigating potential attacks is well recognized, but challenges such as lack of interoperability, funding, and trained staff hinder effective utilization of CTI. The lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals globally exacerbates the issue, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber threats.

Another critical issue faced by cybersecurity teams is the time-consuming process of producing reports for board directors and executives in response to cybersecurity news reports. Cybersixgill has introduced the IQ Report Generator, an AI-driven tool that allows security teams to create comprehensive CTI reports in minutes. The tool automates the report creation process, providing customizable reports tailored to different audiences and formats.

By enabling security teams to focus on proactive measures and manage the skills shortage impacting organizations, IQ Report Generator proves to be a valuable solution. The tool offers versatile reporting capabilities, ranging from incident response reports to risk-assessment reports, tailored to meet various needs. Overall, the automation of report generation and provision of actionable insights by IQ Report Generator enhance the cybersecurity posture of organizations.

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