Transparent toilet ad outside office made by VPN firm – clever

May 12, 2024
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Surfshark, a VPN firm, conducted a provocative guerrilla marketing stunt in London involving a transparent toilet truck to raise awareness about online privacy issues. The campaign aimed to highlight the data privacy paradox and urge people to take their privacy seriously. The firm’s research shows alarming statistics on data breaches, prompting them to challenge individuals’ attitudes towards privacy through unconventional marketing tactics.


Surfshark, a leading VPN provider, recently executed a thought-provoking marketing campaign in London to address the growing concerns around online privacy. The campaign involved a transparent truck with a person sitting on a toilet inside, aiming to grab people’s attention and spark discussions on the importance of safeguarding personal data.

The message “How much are you willing to share?” emblazoned on the truck served as a catalyst for questioning people’s willingness to share intimate data online while maintaining boundaries in the offline world. Surfshark’s research team has been monitoring data breaches and alarming statistics, showing that billions of user accounts have been compromised over the years.

The campaign highlighted the data privacy paradox, where individuals readily share personal information on social media platforms but hesitate to share more intimate aspects of their lives. Surfshark emphasized the importance of using cybersecurity tools like VPNs and antivirus software to protect online privacy and prevent potential data breaches.

By leveraging unconventional marketing tactics and shocking visuals, Surfshark aims to raise awareness about online privacy issues and encourage individuals to reconsider their attitudes towards sharing personal data online. The campaign received significant attention on the streets of London, prompting discussions about privacy in the digital age.

Surfshark’s transparent toilet campaign is part of a series of privacy-focused initiatives planned for London and New York, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to challenging the status quo and advocating for data protection in the digital landscape.

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