UK defense compromised by Chinese hackers in third party breach

May 10, 2024
1 min read


Chinese state-backed hackers are suspected to be behind a third-party breach impacting the UK Armed Forces, exposing the bank details of 272,000 current and former members. The breach was traced back to SSCL, a business services provider, and has prompted an investigation by the GCHQ and NCSC.

According to the article, some key points to highlight include:

  • The Ministry of Defense was impacted by a breach that exposed the bank details of UK armed forces members.
  • The breach is suspected to be the work of Chinese state-backed hackers.
  • The UK government has named SSCL as the source of the breach and has taken measures to notify and protect affected individuals.
  • The breach has raised concerns about cybersecurity in government systems and the vulnerability of third-party contractors.

The article discusses the ongoing investigation into the breach and the potential motives behind the attack. It also highlights the need for increased cybersecurity measures in government systems to prevent future incidents.

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