Ukrainian e-services struck by massive cyber attack

January 25, 2024
1 min read

On January 25, a massive cyber attack targeted several key Ukrainian e-services, including the national gas supplier Naftogaz, postal service Ukrposhta, and the Shliakh border crossing system. The attack temporarily rendered these services inaccessible, causing disruptions and technical failures. Gas supplier Naftogaz announced the attack and stated that the websites and call center were down. The State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety and Ukrposhta also reported access issues. Cyber attacks between Russia and Ukraine are not new, with both countries engaging in cyber warfare against each other’s IT systems. Russia has been accused of being responsible for most of the cyber incidents recorded in Ukraine. This latest attack is part of an ongoing cyber war between the two countries.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has seen a significant cyber warfare component, with both countries targeting each other’s IT infrastructure. Ukraine has experienced nearly 4,000 cyber incidents from January 2022 to September 2023, with most originating from Russia. Ukrainian hackers have also retaliated, targeting Russian companies and infrastructure. The cyber attack on Ukrainian e-services is just the latest example of the ongoing cyber war between the two nations. As a result of these attacks, Denmark has announced a $13.2 million donation to enhance Ukraine’s cyber defense capabilities. The international community is increasingly recognizing cyberspace as a critical battleground in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with Estonia’s Prime Minister calling for greater attention to be given to this area. The cyber war between Russia and Ukraine shows no signs of slowing down, and both countries are likely to continue targeting each other’s IT systems.

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