Upgrade your training: Old-school awareness doesn’t cut it now

July 11, 2024
1 min read


  • Old-school awareness training is no longer effective in cybersecurity.
  • Human firewalls are essential as the last line of defense.

Abongile Monqo, a Regional Enterprise Account Executive at KnowBe4, emphasizes the need to move away from traditional awareness training methods in cybersecurity. With email filters having an average 7-10% failure rate, organizations need a strong human firewall to protect against cyber threats. Monqo suggests a new-school approach to security awareness training and simulated phishing, with over 65,000 organizations already mobilizing their end-users as their human firewall.

The webinar highlights phish-prone benchmarks across industries and offers insights on creating executive reports for advanced phishing reports. It also covers topics such as fully automated user provisioning and onboarding. By attending the webinar, organizations can learn crucial strategies to combat social engineering and phishing attacks effectively.

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