2024: Catch the Hottest Cybersecurity Trends!

December 25, 2023
1 min read

In this article, Shambhulingayya Aralelemath, Associate Vice President and Global Delivery Head of Cyber Security at Infosys, discusses key cybersecurity trends that will shape the way businesses approach security in 2024. Here are the key takeaways from the article:

  • AI will have a significant impact on the threat landscape, as it enhances the capabilities of human and autonomous threat actors, leading to an increase in AI-related cyber threats.
  • The emergence of quantum computing will render current cryptographic algorithms ineffective, making it crucial for enterprises to adopt quantum-safe cryptography to protect valuable intellectual property.
  • Enterprises will focus on strengthening cyber resilience to protect against new attack vectors. Ransomware attacks, in particular, will continue to evolve and impact core business functions, highlighting the need for stronger resilience strategies.
  • The impact of cybersecurity on businesses and society has attracted attention from regulatory bodies, leading to the adoption of new regulations and standards to strengthen cybersecurity and report security incidents.
  • Insider threats will become a more pronounced concern, especially as businesses grant access to third-party vendors and partners. Solutions for monitoring and identifying insider threats will be adopted to address this growing concern.
  • Threat actors will target cloud ecosystems by exploiting misconfigurations and gaining unauthorized access. Secure-by-design principles and the shared responsibility model will guide the adoption of cloud security strategies.
  • The shortage of cybersecurity talent will continue to be a concern, and enterprises will need to adopt multiple strategies, including leveraging AI, to address this challenge.

In summary, businesses must be prepared for an increase in cyber threats in 2024. AI will play a significant role in shaping cybersecurity strategies, and quantum computing and cloud ecosystems will require new security measures. Strengthening cyber resilience and addressing insider threats will also be important priorities for enterprises.

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