AI, Cybersecurity, and smooth sailing: the Maritime Transportation System.

January 2, 2024
1 min read

AI has been quietly playing a growing and important role in many aspects of the maritime transportation system (MTS) for several years.

AI refers to the combined intelligence of machines and software.

Modern AI (post-2010) relies on deep learning, a combination of machine learning, big data, and neural networks.

AI already plays an increasingly important role in daily life, including advanced search engines, marketing systems, self-driving vehicles, and medical diagnostic tools.

AI falls into three categories: defensive AI (in aid of cyberdefense), offensive AI (to aid in cyberattacks), and adversarial AI (to attack other AI systems).

AI will become part of the cybersecurity products, procedures, and strategies employed in the maritime transportation system.

It is important for stakeholders in the maritime transportation system to understand how AI fits into their organizations, systems, and requirements.

AI has the potential to significantly enhance cybersecurity in the maritime transportation system, but it should be used alongside other cybersecurity practices and procedures.

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