Aspen Maximizes Cybersecurity Benefits with AI: Follow the Guidelines

January 11, 2024
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  • A new report from the Aspen Institute’s US and Global Cybersecurity Groups offers recommendations on how to safely use AI in cybersecurity.
  • The report aims to maximize the benefits of AI tools in cybersecurity and minimize harm.

The Aspen Institute’s US and Global Cybersecurity Groups have released a new report that provides guidelines on how to effectively use AI in cybersecurity. The report, released as part of the Aspen Digital program, aims to ensure that AI predominantly benefits defenders in the cybersecurity space and offers recommendations to achieve this goal.

The report provides seven key recommendations for organizations using AI in cybersecurity:

  • Stay true to cybersecurity principles.
  • Avoid working in silos and maximize collaboration.
  • Proactively manage which decisions AI will be making.
  • Improve logging, log review, and log maintenance.
  • Be transparent about how AI systems are being deployed.
  • Ensure contracts contain AI rules of engagement.
  • Be cautious of following industry trends for the sake of following them.

The report also offers additional recommendations for organizations, including understanding the types of data that AI is using and following traditional cybersecurity best practices. For government organizations, the report offers three key recommendations:

  • Identify high-risk AI tools and monitor their use.
  • Promote access to open-source cybersecurity tools.
  • Support educational programs that integrate AI, data science, and cybersecurity skills.

The report additionally provides industry-specific recommendations. These include sticking to basic security principles, making information sharing easier, and enabling logging by default.

The report emphasizes the importance of not losing sight of foundational security principles while adopting AI technology in the cybersecurity space. It suggests that organizations should continuously adapt their cybersecurity practices to match the evolving AI capabilities of attackers.

Overall, the report aims to provide concrete recommendations and promote the safe and effective development and use of AI in the cybersecurity field. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration, transparency, and adherence to established cybersecurity principles when integrating AI tools into security practices.

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