Atos and Dell unite, fortifying digital fortresses for cyber resiliency.

December 14, 2023
1 min read
  • Atos SE has entered into a stragetic alliance with Dell Technologies Inc. to strengthen cyber resilience
  • This partnership is aimed at addressing rapidly escalating cyber threats to enterprises, including sophisticated cyber attacks and ransomware
  • Atos has emphasized tailoring its approach towards cyber resilience: aligning solutions with unique customer contexts
  • Dell’s Cyber Vault significantly bolsters Atos’ cyber security capabilities, offering comprehensive solutions to counteract evolving threats.

As increased reliance on digital technology ushers in the era of otherworldly business operations, the importance of robust strategies for cyber resilience can’t be stressed enough. Companies are faced with a gargantuan task of securing their environments against rapid mutations in cyber threats. To bridge the gap in enterprise resilience, Atos SE has initiated a strategic partnership with Dell Technologies Inc.

Atos’ approach to cyber resilience has been fine-tuned for effectiveness. The company iterates that at the core of their approach is customization: solutions are devised in alignment with a customers’ singular context. This entails devising comprehensive strategies tailored for specific business goals, synchronizing with continuity plans, disaster recovery processes, and IT environments.

Dell’s Cyber Vault is pivotal to this alliance, aiding Atos’ quest for enhanced cyber resilience. “We customize the solution to enhance the customer’s security posture, leveraging our deep understanding of their cyber trails. We align the solution with customer-specific risk landscape, enhancing their defense strategy by either using their existent cybersecurity risk assessment or conducting new ones. Then we fine-tune the solution to meet the customer’s unique needs,” explained Taoufiq Haddane, the chief technology officer and head of architecture at Atos.

This partnership with Dell empowers Atos to bolster its capabilitiy to shield and defend client environments from evolving threats. Dell’s Cyber Vault greatly supplements Atos’ comprehensive solution potentials, says Michael Grunberg, the chief executive officer of Atos’ North America division. Given the evolution of cyber threats, strengthening cyber resiliency isn’t just an offering, it’s crucial for businesses to safeguard their environments and continue thriving in the evolving digital landscape.

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