Australia’s FirstWave Unleashes Major Update on Open-AudIT Cyber Security

December 14, 2023
1 min read

FirstWave Cloud Technology recently introduced a major upgrade to its leading IT Audit platform, Open-AudIT, marking the most significant update in over three years. The update incorporates a sophisticated reporting framework, which allows relevant information like software licensing, changes in configuration, unauthorized devices, hardware warranty status, and utilization of capacity to be thoroughly accessed and scrutinized.

Key features include business dashboards, fully customizable discovery scanning options, configuration baselines, scheduled discovery, and reporting. With Open-AudIT Version 5, users can gain a deeper sense of security and peace, given the persistent increase in cyber threats.

FirstWave CEO, Danny Maher, highlighted the importance of audit solutions like Open-AudIT. According to Maher, it is impossible to secure a network without full knowledge of its contents and configurations including hardware, firmware, and software. OpenAudIT effectively addresses this problem by ensuring comprehensive discovery of everything within a network to ensure regulatory compliance. The upgraded core framework of Open-AudIT also facilitates the quicker addition of new features, strengthening the tool’s market position.

Clients using the Enterprise version of Open-AudIT will keep enjoying premium features that are not available in the open-source edition of Open-AudIT. Pro-consumer website Comparitech has previously acclaimed Open-AudIT as the top agentless discovery tool worldwide for IT asset management. The site found that Open-AudIT’s automated discovery offering was “the most useful IT asset management tool you can have”. Key features like network mapper and configuration management were also singled out. Open-Audit enables large and diverse networks to amass substantial data quantities, making it easier to transform this data into insightful reports.

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