Automating Network Pentesting: A Game-Changing Approach

December 14, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • Network penetration testing is essential for businesses of all sizes in today’s cybersecurity landscape, aiming to identify and rectify security weaknesses before they can be exploited.
  • Common misconceptions about network penetration testing include that it’s a form of hacking, only needs to be done once, is only for large corporations, disrupts business operations, and that manual tests are the only way to be compliant.
  • Although manual penetration testing can be time-consuming and costly, automated network penetration tests provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable alternative.
  • An automated network penetration testing solution like vPenTest from Vonahi Security allows for more frequent testing and near real-time monitoring of an organization’s risk profile.

Network penetration testing, also known as “pentesting” or “ethical hacking,” actively uncovers vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber defenses through simulated attacks. Differentiating between internal and external network penetration tests, the former assesses the safety of components like servers, databases, and applications, while the latter tests the security of external-facing elements such as websites and applications. Both types of tests form vital layers of a comprehensive cybersecurity approach.

Despite its importance, several misconceptions surround network penetration testing. It is not a form of hacking, but an ethical practice to protect organizations. Network penetration tests need to be conducted regularly due to the constantly evolving threat landscape and changes in an organization’s IT infrastructure. These tests are not only for large corporations; small to medium businesses are equally, if not more, at risk of cyberattacks. Contrary to belief, network penetration tests can be conducted with minimal disruptions to business operations. Lastly, manual network penetration tests are not the only way to meet compliance requirements; automated alternatives exist.

While manual penetration testing can provide deep insights, it is prone to human errors, inconsistencies, and can be time-consuming and expensive. Automated network penetration testing, on the other hand, can efficiently overcome such limitations. A solution like vPenTest from Vonahi Security enables continuous testing, facilitates near real-time risk profiling, is less prone to error, and is more cost-effective.

Consequently, network penetration testing, particularly when automated, is a crucial part of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy, helping them stay proactive against potential cyber catastrophes.

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