Belarus emerges as the heart of cyber security.

December 27, 2023
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Key points:

  • A cybersecurity center will be established in Belarus next year
  • The demand for online services is increasing in Belarus

A cybersecurity center will be established in Belarus next year, as the country sees an increasing demand for online services. This year, over 230 new procedures were added to the Unified Portal of Electronic Services, including registration of foreign citizens, obtaining information about property rights, taxes paid, and violations. The portal has also undergone rebranding and is now called “E-PasÅ‚uga,” along with a new mobile application. The establishment of the cybersecurity center will further enhance the country’s digital service offerings.

The need for a cybersecurity center arises from the growing reliance on digital technologies and the need to protect sensitive information from cyber threats. As the number of digital services increases, it becomes crucial to ensure the security and integrity of online platforms. The center will play a vital role in monitoring and responding to cyber threats, as well as identifying vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure.

With the establishment of the cybersecurity center, Belarus aims to enhance the overall cybersecurity posture of the country. This will not only protect individuals and businesses from cyberattacks but also bolster the trust in digital services. The center will work closely with government agencies, private sector organizations, and international partners to develop and implement cybersecurity strategies and regulations.

One of the key challenges faced by digital services is the issue of data privacy. As more personal information is shared online, ensuring the privacy and protection of this data becomes critical. The cybersecurity center will address this issue by implementing robust data protection measures and promoting best practices in data privacy.

The establishment of the cybersecurity center aligns with Belarus’ broader efforts to promote digital transformation and innovation. The country has been actively investing in technology infrastructure and creating an enabling environment for startups and IT companies. By strengthening cybersecurity, Belarus aims to attract more digital businesses and position itself as a secure and reliable hub for online services.

In conclusion, the establishment of a cybersecurity center in Belarus reflects the country’s commitment to enhancing digital security and protecting user data. The center will play a crucial role in monitoring and responding to cyber threats, ensuring the privacy and security of digital services, and promoting the growth of the digital economy.

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