Boosting Cyber Armor for Top-Notch Ransomware Resilience

December 15, 2023
1 min read

John Benkert, the CEO of Cigent, advocates for a proactive approach to cyber defense in the face of increasing ransomware threats. Benkert supports government procurement of advanced cybersecurity tools and education on using these tools effectively. He emphasizes that government-led initiatives in cybersecurity could set standards for private sector organizations, boosting the nation’s overall cyber defense.

  • The US government has made non-binding pledges along with 39 other countries, committing to not pay ransoms. However, this approach is likely insufficient against sophisticated cyber threats.
  • The government should directly procure advanced cybersecurity tools, whose effectiveness has been proven in various cybersecurity battlegrounds, and adopt a more proactive stance.
  • This approach would stimulate the cybersecurity industry, encouraging innovation, and foster public-private partnerships, leading to the development of new standards and best practices.
  • The direct procurement of these tools by the government would serve as a deterrent to potential attackers who often target entities with known vulnerabilities.
  • The standardization resulting from this initiative would improve the security posture of government entities and serve as a template for the private sector.
  • Education initiatives are crucial, ensuring that government agencies are well-versed in the deployment and optimal use of these advanced tools, along with understanding the tactics, techniques, and procedures of cyber threats and cybercriminals.

Benkert concludes by highlighting the effectiveness of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy only if it is combined with concrete actions. By transitioning from a posture of deterrence to active prevention, the US government can spearhead a new era in cyber defense, manage and actively prevent ransomware attacks, stimulate the growth of the cybersecurity sector, and set a precedent for the private sector to follow.

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