Boosting Cyber Resilience: Must-Do’s for Today’s Business Titans

December 18, 2023
1 min read

Key Points:

  • CISOs today face an expanding attack surface, increasingly sophisticated threats, and a significant cybersecurity skills gap.
  • Collaborating and sharing information on cyber threats can help combat cybercrime as shown by projects like Cybercrime Atlas project.
  • Organizations must take proactive measures to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, which includes cultivating a culture of personal responsibility, addressing the cybersecurity skills gap creatively, and eliminating siloed thinking.

In an era where cybercrime poses a significant threat to organizations, the need for proactive cybersecurity measures has never been more important. The first half of 2023 saw an increase in activities from advanced persistent threat (APT) groups, a rise in ransomware complexity, and an uptick in botnet activity. Consequently, 84% of entities experienced one or more breaches in the past 12 months.

Due to the increasing complexity of cyber threats, the need for collaboration in combating these challenges has never been more apparent. Initiatives like the Cybercrime Atlas project, a joint effort from organizations including Fortinet, Microsoft, PayPal, and Santander, showcase the power of information-sharing in the fight against cybercrime.

However, collaboration alone will not suffice. Organizations must take proactive steps to enhance their cyber resilience. This includes cultivating a culture of personal responsibility among employees and implementing ongoing cyber awareness initiatives. Organizations must strive to address the cybersecurity skills gap creatively by exploring new talent pools and providing certification programs for upskilling current employees.

Additionally, eliminating siloed thinking within organizations is fundamental for building robust cyber resilience strategies. This involves fostering alignment on risk management goals amongst the leadership and board members, creating broad incident response playbooks, and the adoption of AI-powered security operations to encourage interoperability between Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams.

Resilient organizations play a substantial role in combating cybercrime. By cultivating will help better equip them to fight not only their own battles, but also contribute to the global fight against cybercrime authenticity, any organization can improve its defenses, allowing for more effective disruption of cybercrime activities. In the modern age of cyber warfare, persistence, collaboration, and proactive thinking are key.

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