Brace for Cybersecurity’s Next Phase: NetApp CSO Mignona Cote Advises

December 14, 2023
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  • Cybersecurity measures have improved significantly, but the tactics of cybercriminals have also evolved, leading to a complex threat landscape.
  • NetApp’s Chief Security Officer, Mignona Cote, discusses the changing role of CISOs in this environment and how they can prepare for the next evolution of cybersecurity.
  • There is a shortage of cybersecurity talent, and security leaders struggle to manage multiple vendors, posing further challenges.
  • NetApp is addressing the skills gap with training and courses in cloud security and AI, crucial tools in the fight against cybercrime.
  • Artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI, can ease the skills shortage and automate security tasks, bringing improvements in efficiency and productivity.
  • NetApp is also helping its customers manage resources across cloud boundaries through their management tool, BlueXP.
  • Through policies like their Ransomware Recovery Guarantee, NetApp is assisting CIO/CISOs in achieving cyber-resilience by 2024.

In the evolving and complex cybersecurity landscape, Chief Security Officer at NetApp, Mignona Cote, emphasises the importance of CISOs adapting and preparing. The biggest challenges facing security leaders include a shortage of talent in the cybersecurity field, managing multiple vendors, and staying updated with the latest technologies.

To assist in bridging the skills gap, NetApp and other organisations are offering training and courses, particularly in cloud security and AI. Universities and online education providers are also launching more cybersecurity programs, thereby encouraging more individuals to enter the field.

Artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, plays a pivotal role in augmenting the cybersecurity workforce and automating tasks. It aids in areas like process automation, analytics, managed services, alert triage, and security investigations. Nonetheless, it requires comprehensive training to make it more meaningful and bias-free.

NetApp is also ensuring its customers have the ability to securely manage resources across cloud boundaries, through its management tool, BlueXP. It simplifies traditional storage management and provides visibility into factors impacting cloud and subscription costs.

In their endeavour to enable CIO/CISOs to achieve cyber-resilience by 2024, NetApp has announced updates to its unified data storage solution, as well as their Ransomware Recovery Guarantee. This allows for compensation if data copies are lost during a ransomware attack.

Looking towards the future, Cote emphasises the need for integrating security into DevOps tools and processes, and utilising AI for threat detection and monitoring. Building stronger efficiencies in solutions development and investing in training programs in various cybersecurity domains will be key focus areas.

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