Cargo Ops and Cyber Security Top Port Authority’s December Agenda.

December 23, 2023
1 min read

In December, the Port Authority Board of Governors took several actions to improve cargo port operations and address cyber security concerns. The board renewed a long-term lease with Tropical Shipping for its St. Thomas container port, which is expected to generate $438,364 in rent over the life of the lease. The board also approved repairs to the Gordon Finch Molasses Pier on St. Croix, which had previously been delayed due to faulty installation of a transformer. The repairs are estimated to cost $55,626.20. In addition, the board authorized quarterly payments of $60,750 to renew the port authority’s liability coverage for cyber insurance. The board also approved lease renewals for a vendor at the Cyril E. King Airport and made changes to its aviation tariff policy in order to comply with Federal Aviation Administration policies. Overall, these actions demonstrate the port authority’s commitment to ensuring the continued operation of the territory’s cargo ports and addressing potential cyber security threats.

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