CES 2024: LG, Cybellum unveil next-gen Cyber Security System Cockpit

December 14, 2023
1 min read

LG Electronics and cybersecurity firm Cybellum will debut their Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit platform at CES 2024. This platform was designed to maintain vehicle cybersecurity, ensuring that vehicles remain compliant with evolving cybersecurity regulations. Key elements include:

  • The CSMS Cockpit platform can identify security vulnerabilities and initiate preventive measures to mitigate potential threats.
  • The solution can analyze vehicle components over their lifespan, generating a comprehensive database that covers both development and real-world use.
  • The platform enables real-time risk detection and inspection protocols for individual components, identifies new threats and their potential impact on manufacturers’ parts, thereby enhancing overall security reliability.
  • CSMS Cockpit serves as a control center for product security, assisting automakers in rapidly assessing and addressing any component-related security threats.

From July 2024, all vehicles produced by OEMs must meet a newly established suite of cybersecurity standards to receive type approval. This is a prerequisite for selling vehicles in 54 countries, including EU member states, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. LG and Cybellum’s CSMS Cockpit assists OEMs in achieving compliance with these upcoming changes.

LG Electronics, a globally recognized brand in the manufacturing and sale of electronic products, acquired Cybellum, a leading cybersecurity company, in 2021. The development of the CSMS Cockpit platform is a testament to the successful collaboration between these two entities in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of automotive cybersecurity.

As the importance of automotive cybersecurity grows, so does the need for solutions like the CSMS Cockpit platform. By ensuring that vehicles remain digitally secure and compliant with forthcoming regulations, LG Electronics and Cybellum are positioning themselves as significant players in this crucial sector.

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