CISA Seeks Thoughts on Google Workspace’s Security Guidelines

December 14, 2023
1 min read

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has presented the Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) Google Workspace (GWS) Secure Configuration Baselines, a groundbreaking scheme aimed at improving cloud security. The program encompasses nine central GWS services, including Gmail, Drive, Meet, and Calendar, and outlines minimum viable security configurations. It features ScubaGoggles, a tool that scans GWS environments in real-time to assess adherence to baselines and highlight potential security gaps.

  • CISA has designed the SCuBA GWS Secure Configuration Baselines to improve data security across nine core Google Workspace services.
  • The project includes an ingenious assessment tool, ScubaGoggles, that continuously scans GWS environments, assessing adherence to baselines and identifying security gaps.
  • The agency invites federal agencies, organizations, and the public to provide feedback on the draft baselines until January 12, 2024, contributing to their final form.

Each service’s minimum viable security configurations are carefully defined in the project’s blueprints. The settings strengthen front-line defenses against the continually evolving landscape of cyber threats by addressing pivotal facets like access controls, data encryption, and logging. To maintain these robust baselines, vigilant oversight is necessary, hence the inception of ScubaGoggles. This insightful examination tool offers organizations real-time visibility into their compliance with the baselines and allows for proactive security enhancements by highlighting security gaps. It helps ensure that the organizations’ security configurations are in sync with the established baselines.

CISA is inviting the public and federal agencies to partake in shaping the final form of SCuBA GWS baselines as part of its open invitation policy. The opportunity to adopt draft baselines and adapt them to specific needs is now open. Public comments and insights can be shared until January 12, 2024, to help form baselines that are lucid, pragmatic, and impactful. The SCuBA GWS initiative is a critical step forward in cloud security, providing organizations with control over their cloud security posture. The opportunity to contribute to this transformative initiative is open, paving the way for a safer cloud future.

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